What is Our Working Culture Like?

Our culture at its core is mission focused – and our Mission is:
“to empower people of all ages to live an emotionally healthy life.”

We are committed to empowering individuals to become better versions of themselves. This means that we are not here to “fix" people, but rather provide them with the tools to:
• recognize their significance
• be resilient in the face of adversity
• build respectful and healthy relationships
• better themselves without disregarding others in the process
We believe every person’s life in our community has significance. Our work aims to improve the emotional well-being of our clients with an engaged and empowered team who together are providing the best service to that community and constantly improving itself.
This focus on emotional health extends to our employees. Our culture embraces the journey of achieving emotional health and requires a willingness to grow in understanding and self-awareness in serving the community. Our employees:
• recognize their impact on the community
• demonstrate courage in the face of difficulty to be authentically empowering
• grow and develop professionally to the betterment of the self and the team
• work passionately and respectfully with healthy boundaries
We are looking to engage and empower team members to make a dynamic and lasting impact in their communities. Our services are making a difference in the lives of over 20,000 families and individuals throughout the Twin Cities metro area each year.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a vibrant organization, recognized for its client-empowering approach, demonstrated by focused leadership, exceptional quality of care, positive outcomes for clients, diversity of its team, organizational innovation, and financial stability.

Our Values

Our Values are guiding beliefs upon which our organization is based. They help us as a group function cohesively and impact the qualitative actions that individual employees take in their roles. At Youable Emotional Health, you are part of a team that values:
• Integrity- we practice with the courage to be principled in what we do and say using the lens of critical thinking aligned with our value of being relational.

• Passion- we go above and beyond to remove barriers to quality emotional health for everyone. Qualitative action, job not duties

• Dimensionality- we draw strength from the various qualities, perspectives, and worldviews that make us whole.

• Responsiveness- we believe people have the capacity to be emotionally healthy and we are committed to empower them to become better versions of themselves.

• Innovation- we promote curiosity to explore possibilities, learn, adapt, and improve in service to our mission.

• Accountability- we are answerable to ourselves and each other to use our resources in the most responsible, efficient, and effective way to achieve our mission.

• Decisiveness- we are both strategic and opportunistic, adapting as needed to serve the most needs for the most people.