Youable Emotional Health is one of the Hennepin County Attorney Office’s Be@School program contract vendors. Alongside the Be@School staff our team works to address barriers to school attendance for Hennepin County’s K - 12 students and families through collaborative, family focused, early interventions.

What and who is the program for?

Be@School focuses on addressing barriers to school attendance for students age five to 17 who reside in Hennepin County and are referred by a parent/guardian or have seven or more unexcused absences. Be@School, and the partner organizations like Youable, are committed to equitable academic outcomes across racial and cultural groups. The program is based out of the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office but services are provided by Youable team members.

What is the process?

Be@School will assign cases to contracted community partners, like Youable, based on factors like age, cultural or language needs or preference, geographic area, etc. From there a member of our team will meet with families to assess the barriers to school attendance, monitor school attendance, encourage school relationship and engagement and assist in referrals to longer term resources either here at Youable or elsewhere in the community. Families come into the Be@School program one of two ways:

A. Family Direct Referral

a) If a family identifies that they are struggling with attendance they can
self-refer into the program. Be@School will then place families with
community contracted agencies (like us) or support with other
interventions as needed. These services are voluntary and short-term
(up to 90 days).

B. School Referral

a) Six Days or Less of Unexcused Absences
i. School staff works with families to identify and address barriers to
school attendance.
ii. At three days of unexcused absences schools must send a letter to
families informing them about possible consequences of further
unexcused absences including. The letter is required by Minnesota
b) Seven Days of Unexcused Absences
i. Schools make a report to Be@School. A letter will be sent to the
parents/guardians that provides information about education laws, the
Be@School program, and resources.

Please contact Be@School for any questions or resources.
Phone: 612-348-6041

Other Programs for Youth and Teens

Other Programs for Youth and Teens

Other Programs for Youth and Teens

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What Our Clients Have Said

I've worked with Youable for over ten years and the quality of the services they provide to youth and their family has been excellent. The staff genuinely care about their clients and want them to be successful, and they hold their young clients accountable for their behavior.

Willie Bridges, Office of the Hennepin County Attorney

Our son cares about himself and others around him… He has regained hope and faith in life, and as a family, we have a huge increase in the positive interaction and time we share. Thank you for giving us so much.

Youable Parent

I just want to say thank you for the support provided by Youable. We have had our new full time staff, Liz, for a week and many positive outcomes are being felt building wide.

Shannon McParland, Principal, Sioux Trail Elementary

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