Reese Ulen, BA, BS - Family Development Practitioner - Family Spirit

A Little About Reese’s Role

Reese joined Youable Emotional Health in August 2022 and has worked in the human services field for four years. Prior to joining our team, she worked at Circle of Indigenous Nations and Fletcher’s Ice Cream. In her role, Reese is excited to learn from coworkers and families, gain experience working with families and support them as they develop healthy relationships. She will be a conducting home visits with parents and children; specifically Native American families with the goal of helping them build healthy relationships and offering them support in various aspects of life and parenting. She says, she will provide the best possible guidance and assistance to families by showing up consistently for them and reflecting on herself, her morals/values and biases to ensure “I am being the best practitioner I can for the families.”

Outside of work, Reese enjoys staying in shape, working out and lifting weights. Additionally, she likes concerts and spending a lot of time with friends and family. She loves traveling and notes that adventure and exploration are key parts of her life.
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