Monday, January 11, 2021
By Pat Dale

The events at the US Capital on Wednesday, January 6th, resulted in overwhelming emotions for our team members and clients. Once again we have witnessed an extreme event that disrupted the core of our lives and the lives of our families, friends, and community. The images of violence, rage, and destruction leave lasting emotional damage that we continue to process.

Headway denounces the violence and extremism. It has no place in the world. The actions and messages represented that day are counter to our values and the work we are dedicated to.

The significant presence of symbols of bigotry, intolerance, hate, and dehumanization illustrated the inequity that many people in our country experience on a daily basis. The hurt, loss, and trauma these symbols inflict and reinforce for BIPOC can’t be adequately expressed.

Headway is committed to dimensionality and the life enrichment we get from embracing the gifts and experiences from every team member. We continue to invest in creating an environment that is based on equality, inclusion, and safety.

These events leave many of us needing to talk about the emotional impact. I ask all team members to be open and supportive to those who reach out. As discussed last spring, Headway is committed to supporting an environment that respects each other through empathy, dialogue, and personal exploration. The pilot groups we initiated this summer to empower all employees and affirm the voices of our BIPOC team members continue. We are continuing to explore additional opportunities to increase the safety and support for all team members.

The way forward is not through violence, hate, or anger. The way forward is through compassion, empathy, and understanding. These are the core of being emotionally healthy.

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