Internships + Practicums

We have a variety of internships and practicums available, ranging from marriage and family therapy to social work, from assessments to working with children. Our options will help you narrow your eventual professional focus while preparing for the day-to-day demands of working in mental and emotional health. Whether you're working on your bachelor's or your master's degree, see what we have available in your field!

Program Goals and Training

We have several internship options including, Day Treatment and Outpatient Mental Health. Regardless of placement, you will receive the education and support needed to be successful in your position. Opportunities for couple or family therapy are also available.

Supervision and Consultation

Intern Selection and Application Process


Bachelor's and Master's-Level Practicums

We offer bachelor's and master’s level practicum opportunities for students studying psychology, counseling, marriage and family therapy, and social work. Most positions begin in the fall after Labor Day and typically run for nine months. All students participate in weekly supervision/didactic/consultation meetings with qualified licensed providers.

Day Treatment Program - Mental Health Worker Practicum (Hopkins)

This practicum is for Bachelor’s level students and Foundational Master’s level students.

In this position, you will have the opportunity to provide behavioral management and skill-building to adolescent clients in our Day Treatment program by creating a positive therapeutic milieu and observing and intervening proactively. The practicum includes collaboration, education, and support in the academic classroom, and behavioral management in the Day Treatment milieu. You will also assist in leading therapeutic experiential and skills groups for the clients and support the other Day Treatment program therapists with their clients and document the work daily.

Day Treatment Program - Therapist Practicum (Hopkins)

Outpatient Program - Therapist Practicum

Practicum Application Timeline and Process


Doctoral Internship Program

Our Doctoral Internship Program is currently on hold.

Our APA-accredited doctoral internship program has two full-time positions beginning in early September and running through the following August (2000 hours). Our generalist clinician-scholar training model prepares students to develop key skills needed to work effectively in a community mental health setting.