Tuesday, August 17, 2021
By Madison McConnell

Dear Headway Client,

To provide you with the best possible care, we are excited to announce a change to our practice. In September, we will start using Collaborative Documentation to create the written record of your sessions. Collaborative Documentation is a way for you and your provider to work together to create a summary of your care.

What to Expect:
Learning more about your mental health services as you receive them.
Working in partnership with your care provider to write your assessment, goals, and notes.
Ability to provide feedback in the moment.
Notes completed with you during the visit.
Your provider having their computer/tablet with them in session, but only for documentation.

Your voice is included in your care.
You and your provider work as a team to meet your goals.
Build a stronger relationship with your provider.
Have a greater understanding of the care you receive.
You will have access to health care records without delay.

Headway’s mission is to empower individuals of all ages to live emotionally healthy lives. Collaborative Documentation will help us better serve you and our mission by involving you more directly in your care.

If you have questions about what your sessions will look like, please talk to your provider. They will be your point of contact on this change. We hope you will find it as exciting and helpful as we do!




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