Dave Sumnicht - Member, Board of Directors

Community Member

Dave is the owner of DAS Information, Inc., retired.  Prior to forming DAS in 1983 he was involved in banking with several banks and the establishment of a de Novo bank charter.  DAS provided site-based systems management and consulting for more than 30 years in banking, medical, business and casinos.  In addition to DAS he established three payroll service companies and was a principal in a municipal planning firm with many Minnesota accomplishments.

Dave has been involved in Headway since he was assigned the relationship through the Richfield School Board (1980).  Headway has always been in the forefront as the last resort option for children who need help.  Often recognized by many, while quietly providing the resource necessary to reach those children.  Those of us serving on the Board or a Committee get the pleasure of vicariously sharing in the successful benefit of the staff’s great work. Dave says, “My wife was a leader for “Project Charlie” and both my children benefited from the program while it was part of the Richfield School curriculum.”

Past and Current Boards:  Richfield School Board, Headway, VEAP Inc. and Mayflower UUC, FFEN

Education: Devils lake Public Schools, Macalester College

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